All ways to obtain Cyprus citizenship


All ways to obtain Cyprus citizenship

There used to be four ways a foreigner could become a Cypriot citizen: descent, marriage, naturalisation, and investment. However, Cyprus citizenship by investment is no longer available as a direct path to the country’s passport: the CBI program was closed in 2020.Naturalisation based on legal residing is the most common way to get a Cyprus passport. To qualify, a foreigner must accumulate a total stay of 7 years, or 2556 days. But some options cut the term to 5 years, including obtaining permanent residence by investment.

Obtaining Cyprus permanent residence by investment: all options and step-by-step guide

Permanent Residency

Obtaining Cyprus permanent residence by investment: all options and step-by-step guide

Guide to Healthcare in Cyprus


Guide to Healthcare in Cyprus

Property prices in Cyprus: what expenses to expect

Real estate

Property prices in Cyprus: what expenses to expect

Cyprus mortgage for expats: a complete guide with rates, terms, and risks

Real estate

Cyprus mortgage for expats: a complete guide with rates, terms, and risks

How to get a second passport or residence permit?

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